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Innovative Farming Ecosystem

The ultimate deflationary, hybrid farming ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain.

Hold WATER, Earn WATER. Stake ICE-BNB, Earn High APR Safely.

Our Project

WaterDeFi aims to be the ultimate deflationary, hybrid farming ecosystem. There are two sides to our ecosystem. Frictionless and Non-frictionless. With $WATER you will be able to earn frictionless rewards just by holding it in your wallet! And with $ICE, you will be able to Farm a large variety of Startup Projects easily and safely.

WaterDeFi provides a general auditing service called WaterCheckers for Binance Smart Chain projects which are requested by the community and project developers. This is a way to get in touch with other projects to prepare for our Startup Farming. Currently these checks are being offered for free but will be charged for in the future. Join us at WaterCheckers below.

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Frictionless Farming

There is immutable 10% fee for each transaction on the $WATER token. 5% of which is redistributed to all holders! Just hold $WATER and Earn $WATER!


Project Aim

The $WATER token burns 5% of each transaction. This decreases the supply over time, makes the token worth more and encourages the holding of the token!


Startup Farming

Using the $ICE token, you will be able to safely farm a large range of startup farms without risking your money on high-risk tokens.

$WATER Stats

Total Supply Burned

$WATER Supply

Last Updated:
08 July 2021 4.29PM (GMT+0)

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The $WATER token

$WATER has an initial supply 1,000,000 tokens. For each transaction there is a 10% fee. 5% is burned and 5% is redistributed. No more $WATER can be minted, only burned. $WATER is deflationary.


Each transaction also has a 5% tax which is redistributed to all $WATER holders. You don't need to stake your $WATER, just hold and earn!


A fair presale and launch happened. No secret buys, everything transparent. WaterDeFi is a community driven project, even you can influence its future! 50% of Liquidity is burned and the other 50% is locked.


You will be able to burn $WATER with the Freezer to mint and conver to $ICE at no fee! This increases the burn of the supply of $WATER and increases the price over time.


The $ICE token

$ICE has an initial supply of 100,000 tokens. For each transaction there is a 2% fee. 1% is burned and 1% is locked in liquidity. $ICE can only be minted using the Freezer, by burning $WATER. $ICE is semi-deflationary.

Startup Farming

With $ICE, you can stake your ICE-BNB Liquidity tokens to farm a variety of startup projects for a high APR. This allows you to indirectly diversify your investments without risking your money on potential high-risk projects.


100% of the presale funds will be used for liquidity. There will be no team tokens and no funny business. Due to our deflationary tokenomics, farming has been much more convenient to investors. Low Fees allow investors to be more comfortable in trading $ICE.

Community Driven

We plan to setup a DAO for $ICE so that the community can always vote in changes for our project with $ICE. We are DeFi.



The Freezer is the feature that will bond our two tokens together. This is because, the only way that $ICE can be minted is through burning $WATER within the Freezer. By Supporting this one-way swap, users will be able to burn $WATER in exchange for another token with demand, $ICE. This makes the price of $WATER go up due to the increase in burn of the token. This will also make the price of $ICE go up in the long run due to its demand.

Decentralised Autonomous Organisation

Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) is going to support our community and allow us to become a true DeFi project by allowing our $ICE holders to decide which projects list on our farms and voting on how the project will progress by giving the chance to vote on our action and plans.

Startup Farming

Startup Farming is where all the hype and attraction will be generated for our project. Users will be able to stake their ICE-BNB LP tokens that have been provided on pancakeswap to farm several startup tokens. We solve a giant issue in the DeFi community. Exposure and Trust. We trust in startup projects and are willing provide a farm for our investors to be able to indirectly invest in other projects while not risking their money. Our farms will have NO deposit or withdrawal tax. You will always be using our ICE-BNB LP tokens so you won’t incur any tax when going on our Startup Farms.

Other Plans

That is not all we have in store for our dApp. We have numerous ideas and plans in place. Some ideas are: Lotteries, Side-token short-term events, Competitions and more! You won't be taxed when using our dApp Ecosystem, this is because you will be using LP Tokens or be compensated for taxes!


Q1 2021
  • Launch of $WATER
  • Mass Marketing
  • Charity Donations
  • Contests and Events
  • Audits and Applications
Q2 2021
  • Meme and Sticker Creation (In Progress)
  • NFTs and Limited Tokens
  • Launch of WaterDeFi dApp
  • Complete double-sided ecosystem
  • Farming Partnerships (In plan to launch farm on HyperJump)
  • Launch of $ICE, $WATER Freezer and Startup Farming
  • CertiK Audit
  • Listing on Exchange
Q3-Q4 2021

Coming Soon!

The Team


Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Founder and Chief Techonology Officer (CTO) of WaterDeFi. Lead Blockchain Developer. Likes to drink $WATER.

Suneet Kotecha

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of WaterDeFi. Manages Project Actions, Marketing Events, Payments and Listings.

Moheb Hashemyan

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of WaterDeFi. Manages Marketing. Founder of 2077Digital and was previously at Engage Digital Partners.

Community Boardroom

Marketing, Design and Ideas

The Community Boardroom is filled with over 10 members that help with Marketing, Design and to produce ideas for the future of the project.

Core 20

Marketing and Advertising

Our Core 20 members are members of the Community who have been taken in to participate in Marketing and the Promotion of the project.


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